MaxTruck 2T handling long load easy and efficient


MaxTruck 2T has the advantage in handle load due to its unique Omni-directional movability when using the MaxWheel. The MaxWheel enable the driver to travel in all directions.

When using the telescopic boom no extension forks is needed and the driver can handle the second pallet on the lorry easy and safe.

Long loads can be picked up with one lift and be transported into the warehouse.

Please contact the MaxTruck team to discuss your application.



LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH will show MaxTruck 2T in Erfurt on Sunday the 1st of May


On Sunday the 1st of May the yearly forklift competition LINDIG Stapler Cup will be held in Erfurt, Germany. LINDIG arrange the competition where around 150 forklift drivers will compete in the regional championship.

Next to the Stapler Cup LINDIG will show the visitors their products in the forklift industry.
Please visit the show and have a look at the unique MaxTruck 2T
The event starts at 11:00 at Erfurter Domplatz, 99084 Erfurt, Germany

You will find more information at

For more detailed information please contact
Mr Matthias Hose
Telephone +49 151 7271 0206