MaxTruck2T- all way forklift

MaxTruck2T- all way forklift

Maxtruck 2T is a unique all way forklift that not only moves like a 4 way forklift but in all directions – in 360°. This simplifies material handling within the warehouse, logistics and production in a way that a traditional forklift can not do. The mobility is based on the unique Max wheel.   Increased […]

Mariotti truckar

mariotti me truck

V. Mariotti ME AC

Three-wheeled forklift truck that can be used in narrow spaces thanks to its compact design. Capacity from 600 kg to 1200...

mariotti mycros

V. Mariotti Mycros AC

Three-wheel forklift with various drive configurations and high technology. Capacity from 400 kg to 1300 kg. Rear-wheel drive, front wheel drive...


V. Mariotti MX 16 AC

Three-wheel powerful and compact forklift. Capacity 1600 kg. Rear Wheel Drive The new V. Mariotti MX 16 AC provides more power...

Mariotti MINI AC 4-6

V. Mariotti MINI AC 4-6

Three-wheel forklift with unique card chassis. Capacity from 400 kg to 600 kg. Rear-wheel drive. V. Mariotti MINI AC 4-6 has...